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Ceramic Kitten Fan Club

Maybe it have ants in him tail

Two hot-assed mofos

Bicoastal. Don't like to boast-al. But we're better than most-al. Don't go postal. Buttered toast...al.

adding an extra "u", adult, allston rock city, aqua teen hunger force, ari hest, arrowheads, art, at random, barf, beditme boutique, being hot, being lonely, being obsessed, being on hiatus, being uber-hip, belle and sebastian, bill brasky, bjork, boston, bourgeois tagg, breeders, brown, canoe, captain splashdown, ceramic kittens, chicago, cigarettes, cocktails, coffee, color me badd, colouring books, cooking, cooters, cowbell, crayons, cross colors, david sedaris, dean for america, debuque, democrats, deoderant, documentaries, dries van noten, drinking, duchess at brookes pharmacy, eating, edward norton, electroclash, elo, elvis costello, ensure, fake veggie ham, falling down, fischerspooner, gummy things, hair, howard dean, iced coffee, imperial teen, insomnia, irrational thinking, jackets, jazz, jell-o pudding pops, jimmy fallon, kajagoogoo, kidd video, kim deal, kings of convenience, kips, kools, korean war memorabilia, ladytron, late night ice cream, lemons, lesions, making out, maps, martha stewart, martinis, mary-kate and ashley olsen, mashed potatoes, masturbation, mclean county fair, mittens, money, muppets, neil barret, new york city, nirvana, not being on fire, not being wet, nozzles, operation, pee-wee's big adventure, perfect strangers, photography, pixies, pointless rituals, porn, portishead, punctuation, queer as folk, raisins, rope, rude dog, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, scantrons, sex, shake that noise, singlesinag.org, smoking, sondre lerche, star search '89, stereo total, steve, stiff drinks, stomach illness, strangers, strangers with candy, teen girl squad, television repair, thai food, the chicken dance, the letter people, the peaches, the shins, the simpsons, tools, tracy and the plastics, turkey sandwiches, uk, uncle fun, underwear, upright citizens brigade, vegetables, vince guaraldi, w.i.t., walking, warm sweaters, wham, whiskey, white stripes, will & grace, wit, x-rays